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Travel Information/advice for Dolphins game for an out of towner

Can anyone give me some travel tips? My wife and I are flying from Long Beach, CA. up to S.F. on 12/9/12. This is our first time up at Candlestick. We unfortunately are just able to go fly up and back the same day. We are flying into SFO early in the morning. We were going to take a taxi to fishermans wharf, stay there a few hours, and then take a taxi from there to candlestick. After the game we were going to take a taxi from the game back to the airport.

So, my questions are: is taking a taxi the best way to get to the game?

What time should I get to the stadium?

Is taking a taxi after the game the best way to get back to the airport?...i have read candlestick traffic to the 101 is bad...flight doesn't leave until 830p

At the stadium: any good advice on best places to eat inside or should we get something before going?

Cool. You'll have fun. I am from SoCal as well and go up for one game a year, but always stay the weekend. My recommendation would be to rent a car, especially if you plan to do the wharf or other site seeing. You don't have to depend on a cab and it might be cheaper even after paying for parking. Just easier in my opinion. Traffic is bad in and out of the stAdium. Get there early. If your flight isn't until 8:30, no need to rush - if earlier I would recommend getting a head start by leaving early. Not much to the stadium really, old and gets older in comparison to all the new palaces going up. Get a serving of garlic fries though, that's a must. Enjoy!
From SFO, take BART to the wharf. From the Wharf, you can walk down past AT&T stadium and hop on the MUNI T at 4th and King. The T will take you to the bus transfer. Then take the bus after the game to Balboa Park Station, hop on the BART back to SFO.

No need to pay cab fare. BART and MUNI take about the same transit time as cars in the city.

Cab from SFO to the wharf ~ $40, cab from the wharf to the Stick ~ $25, cab from the Stick to SFO ~ $40.
BART from SFO to the wharf ~ $8 each, muni to the game (round trip) ~ $8 each, BART back to SFO ~ $8 each.

~ $105 for the cab
~ $50 for public transportation

Difference in time between cab and public is probably about 30 minutes.
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"Candlestick traffic to t̶h̶e̶ 101 is bad"


This is NorCal buddy
Thanks to you all for responding....both of your options sound great and better than a taxi. I will think about these both. Again, thanks for taking the time to give me your advice! It's much appreciated!
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