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Would our Secondary be tougher if Culliver started instead of Brown ?

Originally posted by NeeJ49er:
I agree Brown is playing lights out defense , and no changes need to be made

but you all have to agree, Culliver hasnt even come close to reaching his ceiling , he can run with the best of them and stay in their chest in coverage

and YES ...this is a very good problem to have , 3 excellent starting corners on our roster

Agree with you on this one!
Originally posted by Gelder:
I love the way Culliver is playing. But if I'm not mistaken, we are one of the top teams in terms of pass rankings for defense, so there isn't a reason to make any changes. We're fortunate to have 3 very good corners, and a good 4th/5th in Perrish Cox and Tramaine Brock. Culliver will be a starter for this team in 1-2 years depending on how long Carlos Rogers plays at a high level.

Brock sucks......
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