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hope this is a sign

watching the games this year ive been dissapointed with raymac and his production but after last night i think he has awaken. his increased play will help in bringing back our pass rush
He seemed to have been in a funk. I haven't noticed if he has been double-teamed BUT he hasn't been pressuring the QBs this year like last year.

Hopefully this game was a turning point.
hopefully it is cause he only has 15 tackles so far if our front 7 plays like last year it makes our already top secondary create more turnovers
Glad to see him have a good game. Hope he stays in good health and he and Sop and Cowboy tear it up.
Yeah, he has been a bit down this year. Still things don't show up on the stat sheet like the batted ball on a screen that led to an int for willis against the jets. If he doesn't bat they probably get a 1st down on our 45 yard line or so. We were up 10-0 at that point. They could have drove and got 3 or 7 and it's a new ball game with 13 min left in the 3rd. We got a FG out of it and made it 13-0. It counts as a PD but it doesn't tell the whole story.
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