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We thought this team could be '84 2.0 but maybe instead...

can we stop these old comparison threads please
JT -ahhhhh ok.
this is more like the '04 team
this team doesn't have half the offense the 88 team did
Originally posted by jreff22:
can we stop these old comparison threads please

really. i never understood the constant need to compare current teams to ones of yrs past. we're the 2012 49ers and if we win it all we wont be version 2.0 of anything
I think the OP what meant was that there was an expectation we'd be a juggernaut team that rolled through the NFL and smashed everyone on our way to claiming what was rightfully ours, but instead we might be a team that hits some bumps along the way but comes through when it counts, and I understand and agree with that.

We came out and flat out beat down the Packers in their crib in their home opener, and that is no slouch team, look what they did to the supposed best team in the NFL in the Texans. You don't think that Rodgers was ready week 1 to take down his hometown team who turned him down draft day? This year is kind of what a lot of people expected, a team that got better but not so much reflected in its record, teams play us like it's their super bowl, and we are not getting the scores of turnovers that came last year. I believe the offense is still growing and experiencing some growing pains right now, but will on fire when everything is on the line come playoff time.
Originally posted by Jakemall:
While another 1-1 in the play offs would be is a hell of a lot better than what we have had for the past 12 years.

I'll drink to that.... (rootbeer, of course).
Originally posted by JTsBiggestFan:
Legend, unless you were born prior to 1979......[self-censored]

'84 was a reference to a pissed off team that lost an NFCC in heartbreaking fashion the year before.

'85 Bears won super bowl after being shut out in '84 NFCC against us.

'86 Giants won super bowl after losing to Bears in '85 playoffs.

'87 Redskins won after losing '86 NFCC to Giants.

I know my 49er (and NFL) history quite well.

What, a team with those legends losing in playoffs, fire the bunch of bums
We play like the early 1990s Cowboys bro. Its our style
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Didn't Joe get benchef in 88? Young then proceeded to struggle and Montana came back and played well?

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