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Let's go, Gian..., er Ninerants...?

Originally posted by pfizz:
Giants and Niners go hand in hand!! Whether its black and orange or red and gold that SF stands for San Francisco and if you ain't down with both take off that Niner gear because your disgracing the logo! Go Niners go Giants!! Got 2 TVs setup in the living room.

So I can't like two teams from two different cities? I live in Michigan, and am a fan of the following:

San Francisco 49ers
Detroit Tigers
Detroit Red Wings
Phoenix Suns

There's a reason I'm a fan of each team. I don't always cheer for the "home" team. Otherwise, I'd be a Lions fan.

where are the fans in candlestick?
Originally posted by Rocket4989:
where are the fans in candlestick?

trying to get in. Even been through that log jam of an entrance?? Hell if i was there i'd still be walking in from car trying to finish my J.
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