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Jacobs visits Giants locker room after game

Loved the Manningham signing, hated the Jacobs signing from day 1. Just a big body that runs like a b***h.
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Is it THAT far-fetched to think maybe, just maybe he actually was pissed enough at the coaching staff about not playing that he figured 'what the hell, I'll get back at them by hitting up my old buddies during the week and telling them and/or even sending them our gameplan'? I'm almost starting to think this could be possible...

I think it was more AS had the giants defense on his fantasy team

Here's an article i read from the Funk Flex website, they actually got the quote from a fan from the zone lol.
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I spoke to my friend at NFL Network, who is very close to Warren Sapp (who played with Randy Moss in Oakland), and he said he wouldnt put it past Jacobs to do that...Apparently guys all over the NFL take the information from the team that they signed with, who pay them money, and go back to the team they used to play for, which currently gives them no money, to sabotage the gameplan...i mean think about it...why wouldnt Jacobs do that? He has 2 super bowl rings with the Giants, and none with the 49ers. It makes too much sense...i think John Harbaugh should call up Goodell right this second and demand an apology. I mean who the f*** does Kevin Gilbride think he is...I think Jacobs wants redemption for winning the NFC championship, in Candlestick last year...IVE NEVER SEEN ALEX SMITH THROW 3 INTERCEPTIONS IN A GAME BEFORE...HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN...HES SO GOOD


Still waiting to hear who you know at the NFL Network.
This is like Jacob's dream year.

Just won the super bowl, got some cash on a one year deal, chill on the sidelines and don't take hits.
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Is there not a good Giants forum for these guys anywhere on the internet? It's like a refugee camp in here...

check giants mess. bd niner fans all over there to esp. b4 yesterdays game not so much now. most just need a good laugh so we visit here .

cant stop watching highlights on espn 2day, might even watch championship game from last year on dvd again 2day. all invited over 4 some whine n crackers.

That's pretty sad, I actually feel bad for you. No homer.

waaaaaaaaa, funny yall dont feel the same about ur own fan base take a look at some of ur own posts from the week leading up to your smack down to reality,the sad truth is the score should have been alot higher than it was had the giants been able to get into the endzone after the two interceptions it would have been and if there was any truth to ur crying a---- it would have been even worse than that had they known ur play calls. so to all u holyer than thow check urselfs b4 u critisize others.
I think Jacobs will get cut
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