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ESPN - Evidence Supports Gilbride's Claim

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This no story is getting WAY too much attention.


It will die once the games start
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Lol, a bunch of BS
Everyone has to complain about something
Was listening to the fox nfl rules guy on the radio and he said officials will rarely call holding on offense if the DL is being double teamed. Why? Because rarely does a DL free himself of a double team anyways. I'm sure the rule goes both ways. If a DL is being doubled, him holding wont matter since both OL are engaged to him anyways.
How doew he hold on bull rushes???? Its the only move he does....hahaha wat a bunch of cry babies
Both Willie McGinest and Tedy Bruschi admitted on NFL Network / ESPN that this happens all the time. McGinest even went on to say that they had a playcall for it. They would go up to the d-lineman and tell them to grab or hold a particular player momentarily so that it could free up another player on the blitz.

No news here. Gilbride is a puss me what you want, and I love football and everything, but whenever we play the Giants I get nauseous because the refs are always trying their best to make the game closer than it should be. The media and refs love the big market teams, especially the Giants and it makes me sick. When we beat these guys they circled how P.Willis supposedly held the receiver on the last play and replayed it over a hundred times on ESPN. We lose and they dont even mention Bradshaw's fumble that never was. Gilbride really sounded like a child, begging for ref help. WOW
ESPN - Evidence Supports Practically Nothing
Looks like it worked. No offensive holding on the GIants today.....
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