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300 yards passing/rushing in the same game: FIRST EVER

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We played flat versus the Minnesota. Sort of phoned it in. The last two games are us buckling down. Defense has been mostly awesome with only a few mistakes. It is going to get real the next few weeks but we're going to do well. Don't forget. We have 4 of our next five at home. Plus the seahawks and cards have been beat up and exposed. St. Louis is tough and well coached but also are beat up and will be playing us at home. The Giants will give us chances and it will be harder for them to pull their comeback magic on us. Hopefully jay cutler interception fairy shows up in candlestick again.

I think the Vikings have pretty much proven that beating the 49ers was no fluke

The Vikings are playing to win. We didn't look ready for that game though...

I think it's pretty cool that the division leaders are all pretty much WCO/defensive teams.
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To all the Niner fans that stayed faithful through the worst of the worst.....

I can drink to that

Amen Brother

Same here with tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat

i couldnt help but lol when it said the last 300+ passer was troy smith
Niners were beasting today, let's continue it through the season, and I was amazed alex smith threw his 75th career touchdown, he has some catching up to do
Happens every day in Madden doe
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It was good, yes. However this is also the second week in a row the 49ers were given the gift of a team that essentially gave up. Good on Harbaugh for keeping the pedal to the metal and sending a message, but the team needs to avoid getting soft because s**t is about to get real for just about every game the rest of the season.

Um yeah s**t was s'posed to be real VS. GB and DET too. Why do you think those teams suck now? NY limps in next week pretty banged up. Today felt like the 2nd half of 1994 season all over again.
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We have some unfinished business with this Giants team......
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One thing that is amazing about the 600 yards of offense was that we didn't have much in the way of huge plays. We had one play that netted 50 yards (VD catch). But we gashed them repeatedly for 20+ yards. Even on the ground we were routinely getting 10+ yards. I can't imagine how to try and defend this team's offense now. The best I could think is repeatedly run blitzing the middle, but I don't think that would work, since the 49ers mix in plenty of rushes outside the tackles as well.

Love the new record, but I care more about how the niners will do against the best teams and the best in the playoffs.
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If you're wondering how many times it's been done before today....your answer would be zero

Niners today: 310 yards passing, 311 yards rushing. Never been done, like, ever.

Not to mention 3 TD's passing and 3 TD's rushing
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in like 5 years

Hey weren't you one of the guys declaring the season over after the Minneota loss lmao
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in like 5 years

Hey weren't you one of the guys declaring the season over after the Minneota loss lmao

That's seriously bad ass. Somebody from buffalo should be canned tomorrow for this.
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