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More Wildcat?

I'm a fan of using Kaepernick more in the redzone like we did yesterday.
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Originally posted by prime21:
Judging from what I saw today, we have the personnel to run a very dangerous Wildcat package. Throw in Lamichael James and we might have something historic. In situations when Alex cant get the job done as was the case today. Kaepernick and friends (Kendall Hunter, Kyle Williams, Ted Ginn, Mario Manningham (who is looking like he should be a starter), and Lamichael James (if activated) can come in and keep the opposing Defenses on their heels. With this mixture of speed and quickness, they can be quite a force. Our OC seems to be very creative and i really have a feeling that we will be seeing more of "Kaep n Company".

Manningham is a starter
we did it too piss off Rex ryan
Actually this was called good game planning. Knowing that the jets are unable to stop the run we called a very creative running game.
Its not the wildcat!!!
Just do it!

That's one more thing the opposition has to plan for.

Next, is throw in something else that's new and add to thie confusion.

I was VERY happy to see us try new things and Roman getting creative. It's about time.
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Originally posted by nickbradley:
Its not the wildcat!!!

this. Kap is a QB.
I'm for whatever keeps getting us W's.
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Originally posted by SealTeam6:
We are not an elite team

Who's elite then? ATL struggled badly to barely beat a horrible Carolina team at home.

Both NYG and PHI look like shells of themselves. GB barely squeaked by a much weaker and mentally demoralized NO team.

Who's elite, if we are not?

Folks let the media ruin conversation. Stop worrying about who is"elite" and let's worry bout getting these W's.
Apparently you never watched nevada reno play.l It is not the wild cat, it is the pistol, an offense that killed in college for unr under kaepernick. It is a more read/react that Kaepernick did great with in college.

Kaepernick admits the offense can work in limited use on the NFL level, but it could not be a primary offense.
I'm interested in this showing up for a couple times in a game, but as everyone says, it's a very limited style of offense.

I wonder if they have a package where both Alex AND Kaep are in the play. People don't remember this, but Alex Smith, can run the option as well, and it really gives teams something to think about.

it's read option or pistol

get it right
We ran the option, not wildcat.
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