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Does the Niners' success/turnaround still feel a bit surreal to you?

Does the Niners' success/turnaround still feel a bit surreal to you?

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Originally posted by ghostrider:
I still can't believe we got Harbaugh!

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I just want that SB baby! This team deserves it so bad and then this team will officially become my favorite Niner squad of all time (I'm relatively young).
I thought we'd improve BUT not his good this fast.

I became a fan in 1976 and there were a few miserable teams. Then Walsh turned it around to the point that ecvery game we played most of us expected to not only win BUT score first and win big.

Starting to get that expectation back. Not quite there yet but really close.
So accustomed to losing and defending my horrible team.... its just weird being good. lol
Last year was a bit of a surprise... I don't think anyone saw that level of success coming. Many "experts" thought it was a fluke and a product of a weak divsion and schedule and the 49ers would regress mediocrity this season.

Personally, I felt the team was headed in the right direction, and perhaps arrived ahead of schedule, given the lockout and change in coaching staff.

Now I feel we are back where we belong... consistently relevent, and regarded among the elite teams in the NFL..

The 49ers are NFL royalty, we just lost our mojo there for about a decade.
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Originally posted by 49erfeeeever808:
last season felt surreal.

this season feels like we should kick every other teams a*s.

This is pretty much where im at
Originally posted by oldman9er:
More complicated an answer... Let me just say this... ( in my best Singletary impression )...

In August of last season, I predicted a 9 or 10 win season and a trip to the first level of playoffs (and perhaps a win before getting bounced). They did exceed those expectations but not to a surreal level.. for me.

This season, my prediction was 10 or 11 wins... I think after these two weeks, they again will now surpass my expectations... but this time, I see us taking it all.

So no.. not surreal for me. Just my belief and optimism rewarded (so far).

I agree with this, i knew we had talent on the team, especially on the D. IMO maybe its my old school upbringing, but a great team must start with a good defense, I had no doubt we had that. The main piece that was missing was the correct minds to take over putting all the pieces of the offensive puzzle in the right spots, and we got that with Harbaugh. I will admit I was a little bit leary about having another former football player for a Coach, but he has proved me wrong.
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it felt that way untill the detroit game last year. i know alot of people were thinking our bubble would burst and we could not win long term with the supposed way we play the game which is alien to this generation of sports people and to some fans. There were even those who slashed thier wrists and screamed that we have been exposed after losing two late in the season. I never lost faith, i knew that if we got some better wide outs and kept everyone on defense and kept our coaches there was no reason at all why we should not pick up were we left off. we have so no i stopped being shocked with this team after detroit last year and if not then,, then certainly after the eagle game
Things have kind of fallen into place perfectly for this team just as they did at the start of the 49ers dynasty. A lot of skill, a lot of dumb luck, and a lot of right people in the right place at the right time to win a superbowl.
Im not surprised with the 49ers recent success.I always felt that if alex smith could get some great coaching he would be a great player.I think that it is a matter of time before alex smith is seen as an elite quarterback.I do hope that over time alex will get more comfortable throwing more deep balls.He will get there.I just hope we can keep all of our coaches for atleast 5 years
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No. Although Im happy with our recent success, I expected all this to occur in 2007. Remember we went into rebuild mode after Garcia and TO were tanked, and we "officially" went into rebuild mode when we drafted Alex Smith. The expectations, at the time, were that it would take 3 years with a new coaching staff, new QB, new scheme, etc to get back to contention. For whatever reasons (not pertinent to this thread) it did not happen.

So am I grateful and ecstatic that we're a bonified contender in the NFL ? Yes. But Ive been waiting since Young retired to see our team dominate like it used to during the dynasty era, so all this does not seem surreal to me.

Hope we get number 6 this year.
Every year before last year I always went with 10-6 in the PYMWYMI thread.

Last year I didn't put anything

This year I didn't

I'm superstitious and won't post in the thread eva again
A little bit, I still am sometimes a little speechless when someone I know comes up to me and says "Hey, how bout them Niners."

2004-2010 was a long long long nightmare, and in just a blink of an eye Jed, Trent & Harbs turn it all around.
Originally posted by NinerPrideinNJ:
Originally posted by oldman9er:
Not at all. I knew we had a good team, and believed that with good coaching brought in we would turn this sucker around quickly.

Not at all?! Come on, even if you had faith a good coaching regime could turn things around, you're telling me you weren't the least bit shocked when this team sprinted into the playoffs, knocked off the Saints in a historic playoff game, and came within a play or two of the Super Bowl?
I for one was not at all surprised the 49ers turned it around last season and made it to the play-offs. If the 2010 season said anything to me It said the coaching staff blows.
In 2010 the 49ers played well enough to beat the Saints Falcons and Eagles (three play-offs teams from the previous season) Yet they went out and got blown away by a horrible Panthers team. This was an obvious sign that the coaching staff was a mess and did not know how to game plan. Only do to the incredible talent they had on their team were they able to stay close in the Saints Falcons and Eagles game. I predicted to my friends and family that the 49ers would at best finish 11-5 and at worst 10-6 in the 2011 season and make the play-offs ahead of the Rams. "the players are there all we needed was a better head coach and staff and now we have therm " Thank you Jim Harbaugh
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