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Aldon Smith has 3 Sacks on the season not 2

Originally posted by Chief:
Lol, pissy Sisterwheels. I'll hug you!

Why not share the wealth.
Aldon needs to sack himself and cut this crap out!!
Watch the play again. McDonald tripped Stafford up before Aldon hit him. At the very least McDonald gets a half sack, but Stafford was on his way down before Aldon hit him.
Originally posted by AB83Rules:
It should be 2.5 at least, the one where stafford wasn't called down at first, was Brooks sack when he wasn't called down, but it was Aldon when he was down. I don't recall McDonald getting one though.

It was that play for McDonald. McDonald got a piece of Staffords foot and thats why Stafford went down. Aldon was the second guy to hit him.
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What do you mean it sounds like he was in a car accident where he wasn't driving and alcohol wasn't involved...didn't look like he did anything wrong
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Originally posted by 16to87:
Aldon needs to sack himself and cut this crap out!!

Did you even read the article? The driver swerved to miss a f**king deer. its not like they were drunk and smoking blunts while driving. get outa here with this nonsense. They have to like their lives too you know. football is their job and thats it!
Originally posted by susweel:
Who cares

I want to see him break the sack record
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