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Aldon three sacks through 2 games

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You guys do realize that he is on pace for 24 sacks right? Not sustainable but he will have another 12-14 sack season. When he is rightfully awarded the second sack he'll be tied for #2 in sacks with Robert Mathis, DQwell Jackson, Henry Melton, JJ Watt and ahead of players like Suh, Julius Peppers and Ware.
Originally posted by NCommand:
Mods, combine with the Aldon thread.

Sacks? Who cares...what impresses me most is that is quickly becoming a complete WILL! Playing outstanding against the run (BTW: TFL are just as good as sacks), getting pressures, hits, dropping back, reading the plays quicker. He and Brooks right now may be, or are about to become, THE best tandem OLB's in the game; if you're looking at complete OLB skill sets. They are playing fantastic TEAM defense and are doing all the little things that don't show up in the stats (e.g. clutch pressures/sacks on the final drive of the game, pushing their OT's up field and filtering the RB right into Bowman/Willis, dropping back in zone coverage, sealing the edge, providing consistent pressure, looping under, lining up everywhere, etc.).

As always N, you hit the nail on the head. His run D really impressed me being able to hold the edge as well if not better than Haralson and that's saying a lot. He's IS the total package and will only get better. What a great pick!

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