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Cheers to the best defense in the NFL!

Originally posted by 55949ers:
so did they still count smiths sack? cuz i know it was showing the dumb saints game so i missed it....i know it was a dumb unsportsman like didnt take the sack away?

Yeah, he got a sack for that.
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jesus, no matter if willis in there or not,, its a f**king wall . up front and they just tackle so darn well. we do so many little things well that we can control that must be concerning to the other team
So many times yesterday our guys in the trench gets double teamed but still have the awareness to get out of it to tackle the runner when they see him coming through. So good... I watch other defense then I watch ours. Like night and day. Crazy.
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Antonio Pierce who loves the 49ers team says this defense is the best since the 2000 Ravens.
Originally posted by qnnhan7:
That was mostly 6 in the box and sometimes even 5... I think. Don't hold me to that though. Got to watch it again.
That is correct!!

That's why you didn't hear much from J Smith or Ray Mac, they were mostly play DT eating up space, consuming blockers. That's the beauty of this defense, they can play 3-4, 4-3, 3,2, 4,1, cover 2, cover 3, man over.... great team concepts.

Fangio is brilliant, he mixed up the looks and coverages masterfully. The only big play the D gave up was a busted play from Rodgers to Jones for 49. Other than that, the D was terrific.

People around the country are starting to notice Fangio's crew.
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Originally posted by susweel:
They really impressed me today I didn't think they would be able to hold Rogers down like the way they did. Great job

This. I wasn't expecting GB to only have 7 points at the start of the 4th. I apologize for doubting the defense could clamp down that much on GB.

I will never make that mistake again
Originally posted by Sjceruti:
Antonio Pierce who loves the 49ers team says this defense is the best since the 2000 Ravens.

Heard that today.

Ron Jaworski also said he noticed the packer WR's starting to get scared going down the middle as the game went on. Afraid to get hit by the safeties and corners
Culliver has really stepped up too. Really, our only hole is our #4 CB. Cox didn't play that well. And we will play several teams (DET, NYG, NE, and maybe CHI) that will spread us out. But if you're biggest weakness is your #4 CB, you're stacked!
We all know good the defense is. I also think the offense deserves credit here as well. We didn't even have Ginn and Jacobs Sunday.
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