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Thoughts on injuries for 2012

Originally posted by 99problems:

E = MCbadjuju?
Originally posted by JTsBiggestFan:
A lot of concern about this....."we were lucky last year, we will not be lucky again this year."

I'll tell you what....we weren't lucky last year!!

People are judging injuries by lack of a big # of injured players, but FFS the injuries to Morgan, Delanie, and Ginn at the end really killed us when it mattered.

Granted it would not have been great playing in the playoffs without all of our defensive players healthy but a part of me thinks you don't want to have an unfortunate situation of an already meager unit hurt even more. As a reminder to everyone, save for Morgan, our receiving corps was probably at it's peak in the first Giants game and what a difference that was (with Gore injured to boot).

I just can't see a repeat of what happened last year to our receiving corps. Let's just pray the OL stays in tact along with our WRs....defense and ST will always find a way to pick up the slack in a worst case scenario.

The only time I want to see Brett Swain is in the preseason or garbage time in a blow out!

I don't even want to see Swain in practice
Originally posted by ninerfan4life:
Im sick and tired of all these so called "analyst" saying we won't be as good as last year because we won't be so lucky with injuries this year. Dumbest statement of the year.
Yeah. This plus we cant possibly repeat the turnover ratio again so of course we will suck again. That plus we play a hard schedule. Just lazy analysis that has nothing to do with the actual game.
I haven't recalled many injuries at all over the last few years on our defense that were over and above what other teams experience. our guys stay relatively healthy every year. a sign of a good training staff and del prepared athletes. and when we did sit justin smith and patrick willis their subs ricky jean and larry grant did well. now in the secondary without goldson and t brown we struggled a bit. the way our front seven plays has a lot to do with tomsula and of course the athletes but i think we will do fine as far as injury and on field performance with a real offseason under this staff to get prepared. we just need to win this year so that we can get the proper respect due cuz that lucky break the giants caught really stole our shine
I believe we have depth and talent everywhere on this team. If we do suffer some injuries, we have guys to fill in nicely IMO. Some of them haven't had the chance, but once they get it I expect them to perform at a minimum of average and possibly more. IE: Dobbs, Kilgore etc.
what the f**k man!!! really???
Really SF as a team doesn't get a ton of injuries from year to year. We have an elite training staff and generally speaking, save a few years ago when we were decimated, we stay pretty injury free really.

Im not worried.
Ridiculous post. Of course we were lucky. Anyone who has followed the team over the years knows that luck comes and goes depending on the season. I am sure the vets remember about 5 years ago when we had 5 of our top 6 CB's out during the season. We were down to street free agents covering Pro-Bowlers. The Rams suffered the same fate this past year with their CB's. The team capitalized on being extremely healthy last year, but to expect the same form of great fate is not realistic. We simply will have to find guys who can step up and play at a high level.

The law of averages eventually catches up to you, regardless if you play for the Niners or Bills. Injuries do not choose uniforms.
I have a much better idea for a thread: NO THINKING ABOUT INJURIES FOR 2012.......

someone should injure your face for posting this
I hope this thread and any like it have a very short life span.
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