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Possibly the most annoying 49er hater comment this offseason....

This obsession that Harbaugh is gonna implode and lose it.......and lose control of our team. It's common talk on all the divisional and NFC forums.

All the Alex Smith stuff is to be expected......turnover differential too even though our defense is more than that.

But to think that Harbaugh is laughable.

In a way we should be glad we have GB & DET to'll send a real strong message across the league that we (AND JAMES HARBAUGH) are not to be f**** with!!
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jamie dukes

/ thread.
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Harbaugh for President
You mean.... nobody is saying that Harbaugh is the bestest coach ever?

Bunch of meanies.
Possibly the most obvious response to that comment....

who cares?
I have an answer to this.

Stay out of other team & NFL forums.

You're welcome.
Time to play some smash mouth football then.
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I like the one I read on here on how Alex never made Bear Pascoe or Brett Swain all pro's.
Agree with JT, but its not just message boards, i read an article today and the reporter calls harbaugh a " whack job" and that his " rah rah" style will grow old and he will lose locker room. Like he knows what the heck he's talking about. #scoreboard

Meh,no one curr.insert appropriate gif please someone.Dr.Walsh,Chaz,Val,somebody,anybody.lulz
If you were a casual fan of some other team and didn't know much about JH besides his super "rah rah" attitude and disconcerting statements to the media (a la Peyton Manning) you could pretty easily think he was skating by on pure enthusiasm and could easily lose control--of himself, the team, whatever--at any time.

All it proves is that they think...exactly what he wants them to think (muah ah HA HA HA)
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Thank you kind sir
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