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Niners you liked that never made a Pro Bowl

Didn't realized Rathman never made the Pro-Bowl... That's messed up. I just assumed that he did. There were a lot of good FB in traditional roles back then that got more recognition. But still...
Tom Rathman... go figure, huh?

also always liked Arnaz Battle; I respect the guys that act as the glue -- real teammates.

Navorro Bowman and Aldon Smith, but that should get fixed this year
Derrick Deese.

He gave us 10 solid seasons, played multiple positions on the line, and once went 35 consecutive games without allowing a sack.
Parrish for sure
Originally posted by hofer36:
dave fiorre

This is my vote. He and TO were the two guys running all the way downfield in Garrison Hearst's great run. That was classic and showed how much hustle and athleticism the big guy had.
Did Don Griffin ever make it?
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Otis Amey about Sanjay Beach....if u know this guy then your a true old schooler....
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Originally posted by Youngb:
Tom Rathman without a doubt. Personally I can't believe he never made one if what I read was true.

No I don't believe he ever made it. Two Superbowl rings and an NFL coaching job with his old team. Don't think he would swop.

Daryl Johnston made it in '93....and according to the wiki page "an FB never made it before him....he initiated FBs in the pro bowl".

Really? I know we're homers, but I gotta believe Rathman in his prime was >> Johnston even if *maybe* he wasn't as good during our rival years with Dallas.
BTW, John Taylor.....believe he made it as a returner, not sure about receiver.
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