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Absolutely Amazing 49er Highlight Video


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I had chills... awesome video and thanks for sharing and huge props to the person who made this. Great music as well.
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this is the most awesome video i have ever seen!!!! omg i still have goosebumps. even though we didnt win the SB, i would not choose any team over us. We have so much heart and in the end that is what carries you to be the greatest. 49ERS FOR LIFE BABY!!!! this is only the beginning!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I refuse to watch any youtube video with the theme to 'requiem for a dream'.

just my personal taste.

did you guys see the alex smith doc?
You guys are the best! Another awesome fan vid. Got a little emotional while watching this thinking how bad this team was just a couple of years ago. Not so much the players -- you can see they were trying, leaving it all out there on the field-- it was the coaches. Now they have a coaching staff that they believe in, and now playing like a top 3 teams in the league.

Should include the NFCCG against the Giants. I know it didn't end well, but that was one helluva game too. The defense had one of it's best game of the year in that game. And they made some good plays on offense too despite the struggles. Tight defensive struggled by both teams. The Niners have nothing to be ashamed of in that game. I just don't want to see --you know what -- included in the highlights though....
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Dashon Goldson BABY!!!!
Originally posted by Afrikan:
Dashon Goldson BABY!!!!

Hopefully he takes the next step and becomes a top tier safety for us this year, he is so close, he just lacks discipline...c'mon Dashon sign up and buy in!

Great video. Finally one that I don't have to mute the music
Seriously hard to keep emotion in check... that was AWESOME !!!!!!!
Terrific. Couple things. I had no idea that p52 is accelerating so fast when he hits somebody. Man that must be hard to do. Other thing is the speed of the entire team, from Justin to our DBs, our LBs, and of course our RBs. But there is one over riding thing that stands out. Overwhelming desire. C'mon season let's get started. My most excitement in PS in yrs, maybe ever. Just think , over 8 yrs no better than .500 , and usually much worse, to truly getting beat in NFC championship by a replacement's fluke...or two of them. Still amazing...and thanks.

The reason for all this? Lay it squarely at the feet of HC/OC/QB coach Harbaugh. He was the difference. Also we appear to have a dozen (or more) truly potential all pros all on same team. Jeezy Peezy.
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Originally posted by Garcia:
I refuse to watch any youtube video with the theme to 'requiem for a dream'.

just my personal taste.

did you guys see the alex smith doc?

Yes, that documentary was awesome!
Epic vid...thanks for posting! Music is kinda cliche though...I hear it in almost every highlight vid.
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