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Reminder 2011 San Francisco 49ers Yearbook on ESPN 2 July 18th 9:00 PM Eastern

got chills like 6 times watching that.
So many Chills and almost teared up a couple times
ah the saints game always bringing me tears
Yeah, seen the Catch III 100 times by now, watched the full game probably 5 and I still got chills. Anyways, thanks for the reminder Miles. It was pretty good but some of the highlight videos the fans have made were just as good with more emotion. As cool as the yearbooks are I bet they were a lot cooler to see when they didn't have the internet and highlights all over the place and fan made highlight videos.
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my buddy that is a huge packers fan watched it and said it gave him the chills! i wish i could watch it.
Seeing Staley's face red from crying at the Giants game made me tear up
Originally posted by WesCosOff4Lyf:
The only thing its got on the webzone vid editors is that classic narration

Yep, like I said in the other thread these were probably a lot cooler to see before the internet. Now you got fan made videos that are just as good. We just have to hire the narrator.
damn work call...
I cried .... hard.
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When will they repeat?!?!?!?!?!

Originally posted by bleeds9ersredandgold:
got chills like 6 times watching that.

HEARING RADIO CALLS FROM EVERY GAME WILL DO THAT!!!! f**k YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sob!!! Hope it gets on youtube
I'm so over last year. Once the TC start, I ain't looking back. Done enough of that the last 7 months. No matter how many times I've looked at it the results hadn't changed. Time to make some new memories.
Please tell me its coming on again tonight.....
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