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Happy Birthday Joe Montana

wow, only two pages for a GOAT?

Happy birthday montana
Happy Birthday Joe. My dad and I had season tickets during the 80's and early 90's, I'm proud to say that I was a witness to some of the greatest moments in Niner history, and most of them came from #16!!! Thanks for the memories Joe! GO NINERS!!!
Originally posted by dcsham:
I like Steve Young too, but that just means you probably were too young to see Joe play. Most experts consider Joe to be the greatest QB ever; while Steve is great he was not Joe.

I prefer Alex to be honest...but happy birthday, I suppose
Happy Birthday Joe and thanks for the memories. My all time sporting hero. And guys...Dont mention Steve young on this thread, matter of fact, NEVER mention his name when you are talking about greatness regardless of the circumstances. We would have had another 2 rings if that little spoilt whining ****** just realized where his place was and that was No 2. And yeah I said it!! Steve young remembers me of agent Smith of the Matrix..."Me me me me me". "I share this with each and everyone of you guys"(SB29 Speech). No Steve...The team will share it with YOU!! Not the other way around. Now back to Joe...What a class human being. You where put here to inspire millions and become the greatest QB ever!! Thats what i call a sweet deal. But after all these years of NEVER blowing your own trumpet,ALWAYS staying out the limelight and constantly remaining HUMBLE, You were obviously the perfect candidate for the job. GO JOE!!!!
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Originally posted by niners4lyfe:
wow, only two pages for a GOAT?

Happy birthday montana

Because Joe hasnt said anything about Cam Newton's QB stats yet.
The Catch game was what made a nine year old kid from Memphis Tennessee a 49er faithful for life. Happy 56th to one of the all time greats!
Happy birthday you legend!
Happy birthday to the greatest QB ever to live.
Happy belated B-Day to, the One & Only, Joe Montana!

I didn't get to witness him play through the 4 rings he got our team. Was too young.

Watched enough 49er highlights to know what great play looks like though. He defined it.
Joe Montana was true samurai on the gridiron: quiet, focused and deadly. Many of us in today's trash-talking, zero producing culture can take a lesson from this man.

Originally posted by Chico:
just wondering, does Joe really see this or read these messages? Most of us love him but from what i hear, he's very distant from the public?

Joe is a private person. He has spent time recently splitting between his ranch in the Calistoga area (which he recently sold) and also a condo in SF. He is occasionally seen in SF in public with his wife, usually in the Union Square area. He is polite when people approach him, but the nice thing about SF is most people realize that he values his privacy and they will basically leave him alone.

He knows what he means to 49er fans...
Originally posted by niners4lyfe:
wow, only two pages for a GOAT?

Happy birthday montana

haha there have been 11,000 pages for the goat.
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meh steve was better
Originally posted by modninerfan:
meh steve was better choking in big games.
Everything was fine until he accepted that he always loved the steelers....what a turn down.......a true niner ..steve young......
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