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John Taylor thoughts on Moss and pre Alex Smith signing

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GOSH you guys, HERE is the interview at long last....

J.T is STILL THE MAN in my book
Originally posted by Afrikan:
Even though what it says about Alex was funny....I'm sorry man, but I don't believe this was really John Taylor......I really have to question your credibility and that site.

I have alot of respect for John Taylor and I'd REALLY HATE if someone was putting words in his mouth to push an agenda.

no offense buddy.

my thoughts exactly.who is this guy to get an exclusive wit JT??where are your credentials??and that site looked janky and bootleg than a mofo.JUS SAYIN.
Originally posted by ninersrule4:
Jessica alba gave me a lap dance

Me too.
Originally posted by Kronos2560:
Originally posted by ninersrule4:
Jessica alba gave me a lap dance

Me too.

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Highly doubt this is real. First of all, I don't think Taylor even really follows football anymore. He's on the road all the time.

Taylor wouldn't be talking about Moss being a "distraction" and all that other garbage, either. He boycotted the media for years because of the way they reported on him following his 4 game suspension for testing positive for cocaine in 1988. And he's been around allegedly "disruptive players" whom he was friends with, including Ricky Watters and Deion Sanders.

There's a video interview of him with Greg Papa up, if you do a google search for it. These quotes don't sound like the guy in that interview.
Could be real ,

I could post "interviews" with a few ex auburn guys and I know amp lee ....does not make me a reporter , just that that a few sports people will answer a call when it rings with my caller ID
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