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Breakout year for which 49er player?

breakin out year for Scott Tolzien . I have seen heavy weight champs go down , stuff happens !
Can Randy Moss still be eligible, if so I'd choose him. Moss will have another significant statistical season, with his combination of speed, length, and experience. I think we could have a significantly improved offense, as in top 10 in the league. I would argue that toward the end of the season, we were at least in the top half. Add in Moss, Manningham, Jenkins, and James and we may have a serious offense.

65 catches for 800 yards and 6 TDs

And that's my conservative estimate .
I'm gonna revise my La Michael. Breakout yr that will look like a jail break. Most receptions, most YAC, most 3rd dwn conversions, and he will make the other WRs plus #85 and Delanie, all get single coverage. Wait til you see how coach uses him...just like Reggie Bush when in N.O.
Kyle Williams.
Isaac Sopoaga 8.5 sacks
60 tackles (all solo)
3 forced fumbles
1 fumble recovery
1 int
6 batted balls
35 qb pressures......DEFENSE EPIC!!!!
Isaac Sopoaga 15 catches
100 yrds
2 TD
4 carries
10 yards
1 TD........OFFENSE EPIC!!!!!
even if moss doesnt get much yards i think he will make an impat as a decoy

no matter what there will be a safty over the top on him which will clear the middle of the field something we have never had

this will create openings in middle of field for crabtree and VD where they are msot dominant
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Alex Smith
Boone. He's going to kill at RG!!!!
Alex Smith
Aldon Smith (Already broke out, but whatever)
Michael Crabtree
Tarell Brown
Alex Boone
Kendall Hunter

Best Rookie
LaMichael James

I think by the end of the season we will look at Boone and A. Davis as having breakout years. I think they may start slow but become a dominant right side of the line by the end of the season and for the playoffs.
Alex Smith.
Culliver is going to surprise a lot of people
I'm going to go with Ray McDonald.

He doesn't get much love, but he has such a quick first step and last season he started to realize his potential as a starter. With Aldon and Brooks lining up at OLB, it's just going to give him little more room to work with. Here's what I'm hoping for:

50 tackles
7.5 sacks
4 FF
4 pass deflected

That would rival what Justin Smith did this season and should be enough to get him Pro Bowl consideration.

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Very cool.

Brooks is picked to be the breakout player of the year on defense for us (see Whitner's points - all good ones). That said, he lead the team in TFL last year, was very good in coverage and only 2 SAM's had more sacks than his 7 (Woodley @ 9.5 & Kerrigan @ 7.5). Barwin rotated between WILL & SAM and that is why he had 11.5. Reed had 6 from the starting WILL position on the other side; in short, they used Barwin like how the Packers used Matthews, moving him all over the place to create mismatches even though he was slated as the "starting SAM." Whitner also makes a great point about how Brooks was THE OLB who was double-teamed all year and still had a monster year. For this year, with teams having to focus on Justin Smith & Aldon Smith, Brooks could be free to injure even more QB's and approach low double-digit sacks (which is like getting high double-digit sacks from the WILL position). He's also got the contract and peace-of-mind to go balls out and he looks to be in the best shape I have ever seen him and I believe he had perfect attendance all off-season with Justin Smith. Man, this LB corp is amazing!
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