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1981 NFC Championship game on NFL Network tonight

Finished watching the 1981 NFC Championship game between the 49ers and Cowboys on NFL Network it sure brought back some great memories.

Not having watched the game for a long time had forgotten how bad some of the officiating was especially the call against Lott which cost us an interception. I was also really amazed at the bias CBS showed by constantly showing the Cowboy fans who attended along with some of Vince Sculley comments (should be expected from the Dodger former announcer). At the time this game was the largest attended Niner game ever and the Cowboy fans all sat in one section of the end zone but CBS made look like half the stadium was made up of Cowboy fans which by this game all the bandwagon fans were on board and the placed was packed in Gold and Red.

It was just a lot of fun to watch again and relive that game and how it changed two teams. If you get to watch it tonight enjoy
Watched it this morning. Was fun to watch, now I am even more ready for football to start!
there seems to be a thread on this everytime this game is broadcast on search function people!
Definitely brought back some great memories. Guys I haven't thought about in a while that payed very weel for us. Bill Ring, Lawrence Pillers, Freddie Solomon, Fred Dean, Jon Ayers.

CBS' Cowboy bias was in full swing.

Really annoying not having the score, down, etc on screen like it is today.

We had 6 turnovers and still won te game. I don't know id that is a record but it must be in a championship game.
Did anyone notice the horse caller right after Dallas got the ball back after "the catch"? It would have put them in field goal range in today's game and they could have kicked a field goal to win it? Thank god that game wasn't played in this era.
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