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Roethlisberger suspects 49ers targeted him

Originally posted by LasVegasWally:

Wake up Ben! This isn't some defenseless woman you're going to rape.

It's the Niner D - and they will crush you again.

Big Ben: 49ers targeted my ankle.
Reporter: Like when you targeted that girl?
Big Ben:

This attenion hound wanted to play hurt to reap all the glory, but he was only hurting his team then he has the nerv to say he was the best 49er on the field.
Of course they zeroed in on an ineffective wounded duck. Poor baby.
Are you kidding me?

That was one of the most embarassing displays by a QB I've ever seen. The dude could not even walk, and we didn't even need to target his ankle.
Originally posted by ParkingLotPimpin:

The D, specifically Aldon Smith didn't need to target Ben's ankle. He was basically an immobile qb target with that bad ankle. I thought they sacked him fairly and didn't cheap shot his ankle at all. They certainly targeted him for sacks cause he couldn't move. Roethlisberger is hitching the bounty gate and crying about it.

Wow. Whatever respect I had for Roethlisberger as a player just went out the door.
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You go for or target the person with the ball, if he thinks he's superman and can play with one leg thats his fault, he is aldons target! He's justins target! That's what their paid to do! Hey Ben next time come out in a wheel chair, our d will still run you the f***k over.
He's not crying hes just stating the obvious. In the article it even says he didn't think any foul play was going on

He tried to be a hero and he received a hero's welcoming, punishment............
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We powned his ass.

This means nothing coming from a team who has J. Harrison, who has the nfl record for most fines as a result of dirty hits.
Glad we did. Shouldn't have been out there.
What a joke! Rapistberger was probably drunk when he said this.
Aldon hit him on nearly every play, but he never went low. He was just unblockable. Ben could hardly walk that game. He shouldnt have even been in the game. Man, that's weak. I hope that was taken out of context because there was nothing dirty about it.
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