Someone mentioned Baalke's envelope pick for our 1st rd. He knew that other teams had AJ further down the list and hence he enveloped AJ. That is brass, boys, big brassy ones. Yet he drafted BPA for our real weakness, 3rd down chains & RZ, and somehow knew La Michael would be there for our 2nd pick. Me, well I had Fleener and moving up to get zeitler. It's obvious i don't do drafting well. Last yr was no different. Aldon Smith? No way.Just goes to show exactly how good our guys are.
Don't be surprised to see a ton of these draft picks stick, plus I am betting on a WR, maybe 2 from the UDFAs. The Mario and moss pickups in FA pretty well solidified our O. After that it was a matter of vastly improving it, and boy did they ever.