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Harbaalke: Emphasis on Heady Players

Good s**t, dude. I think you're right on the money with this.

The biggest thing that I learned from my coaching experience this year is that a team has an "energy" that's very real. That energy is comprised of the combined attitudes of the coaching staff and the players, and it permeates everything you do. I don't know much about the players that we drafted, but the idea of Harbaalke placing a great deal of importance on cultivating that energy makes perfect sense to me.
I thought this was a better mentality:

Originally posted by 49AllTheTime:
I don't give a rat's pa-toot, until i see what he can do on the field

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Originally posted by Joecool:
I thought this was a better mentality:

I'd say our current regime uses a similar idea but are much more intelligent about how the execute it. That being said, I'm grateful we have a solid foundation of players with positive mentality who have stuck around.
Our current regime is more focused on players having the mentality of winners as well. The i want winners can work if you want success for maybe a season or two. Moss is a prime example of that. Hes a proven winner, but without the mentality he has a 2010 season. "I want winners" is actually translatable to "I just dont want to lose my job"
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Originally posted by qnnhan7:
Appreciate the OP to take the time for a well meaningful post. I think all teams take character or mental makeup of their draft picks seriously. After all they are giving millions to these guys to play football. They would want to know that the guy is stable mentally. And most of all the desire to work and improve on their skills, the willingness to put forth efforts through a season and every year, and the love of the game. Think of the recent situation of Glenn Coffee. Or Rashaun Woods. I think the 'new' attitude may stemmed from Harbaugh and what he expects and try to find in the guys he drafted. Remember the phrase 'I will attack this day with enthusiasm unknown to man kind!' or along those words. You get what you give. Harbaugh is asking his guys for high efforts. He even got Randy Moss, notorious for lack of efforts on some plays, to do and say the same stuff Harbaugh's been saying, in day 1 of his joining the team for workouts. Harbaugh's attitude towards football is contagious. I'll bet the first time a recruit, potential draftee, or FA talked to Harbaugh, they can sensed it. Maniacal football minds doesn't stay hidden for long. And it speaks volumes that you can backup those words and attitudes with becoming COTY. Got the team overtime away from a SB with a shorten offseason in your first year as rookie NFL coach.

I love freak'n Harbaugh

Good post! I agree!
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I loved Jenkins' enthusiasm when first arriving at team headquarters.

Our draft picks in general--and Jenkins, Looney, and Slowey in particular--seem to have their heads on straight.
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