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PYMWYMI, 2012-2013 Edition (Year 7)

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I actually predicted 14-2 yet you put me down on the 12-4 list. Its on page 8.
Originally posted by kidash98:
Originally posted by FlayvaMeister:
Torn between 12-4, & 11-5 ...
Its only one game, but that game, could affect the seedings for the playoffs.
I could not make up my mind ! The team has a Serious Big Boy Schedule
this season ... so, I'll ride the fence on this one.

One pick, por favor.

- 98

OK, and SORRY ;D
I'll state an 11-5 record ...
10-6 or 11-5. Agree with a lot of you that the schedule for 2012 is going to be rough, and no way SF sneaks up on anyone this year. Niners have a Super Bowl caliber defense and special teams. But offense is just so-so, and new weapons won't really change that. Loved Alex's TD/INT ratio last year, but his receivers want him to "throw them open" instead of throwing only when they are open. Too many check-downs, but that's what Harbaugh wants; a risk averse offense. Maybe another trip to the NFC Championship game, but offense has to become more explosive and less predictable. Could see a slight step backwards in 2012, but not much

10-6 (better team,worse record)
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