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Darius Fleming is a 49er

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Ian Rapoport ‏ @RapSheet Rough break for #49ers:
5th round LB Darius Fleming tore his ACL during his 1st rookie mini-camp, his agent @AndySimms told me

Damn that was fast
Wait I thought it was his hamstring. now it's his knee? Wtf?
Fleming just pulled a Curtis Holcome. Need Cam Johnson to step up
isn't it too early for these types of injuries?

Just sign another OLB, Flemming didnt look like much anyways.
Damn, that sucks for him.
I'm not gonna say its good that he got injured but that makes it a little easier to hang on to him without having him on the 53. Haralson definitely makes it now.
season is over
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Trade Patrick Willis before he tears his ACL too

I guess that gives Cam Johnson a better chance to make the roster.
This was already discussed in the Flemming thread.
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Torn ACL hopefully he doesn't pull a Dontavia Bogan and leave the Bay Area. I'd love to see him on the team in 2013.

All aboard the Cam Johnson as 4th OLB Freight Train! Also signing that OLB Baktari from USD looks like one hell of a move now lol.
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All reports I read said he had pulled a hamstring. Or is this a new injury?
Originally posted by AllTimeGreat:
All reports I read said he had pulled a hamstring. Or is this a new injury?

I take it you didnt click the link
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