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Our new free agent Mario Manningham

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Originally posted by Esco:
I wouldn't know Mario Manningham if sat next to me for an hour.
the original poster fred would know, of course he had to many beer and hot dogs before the alleged sighting
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Originally posted by cciowa:
in the last few months we have had a number of people say they have friends of a friend of a friend of an ex wife of an assistant coach who claims they have all of this inside information and they meet all these players,, please

Reminds me of a coworkers who's parents are friends with Alex's wifes parents or something..
Originally posted by ChazBoner:
lemme smell ur fingers for proof.

Stinky pinky!!!
Great investment, underutilized.
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Originally posted by zillabeast:
Great investment, underutilized.

Underutilized? He is tied for 2nd in targets and catches with VD and only Crabtree has more targets/catches then him and that is after this past weekend when he sat out with an injury.
Are you responsible for all the corndogs Smith has been eating in the zone? If so, knock it off! It's screwing up his game!
I really like this guy.....I think he has high end number 2 potential. Jenkins, Manningham, Crabs and Williams is solid. I'm not really big on spending a lot of money on "elite" wrs, unless you have a heavy pass oriented offense.
Why would you tell him to check out this forum? Do you want him to quit on his team after every loss?
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Originally posted by 49ersalldaway126:
Wasn't that the game Alex and Staley were at?

then it was the corndog stand
I personally think he's our best wide receiver. Sorry Crabby, I love you too, but I love Mario's speed. Want to see more.

I agree about Manningham being better than Crabtree. I like both and think they can be some pretty big time receivers. Not on a Calvin Johnson level, but definitely players that you have to gameplan around. I think Mario is a better playmaker than Crabtree at this point and he looks to make a big play everytime he gets the ball. It will be fun watching these two guys work over the next few years (I'm pretty sure Mario will be extended).
LOL. Manningham is not better than Crabtree. I like Manningham, though. He needs to get the ball in space and let him do what he does. I'd say the same for Crabs too.
Originally posted by zillabeast:
I personally think he's our best wide receiver. Sorry Crabby, I love you too, but I love Mario's speed. Want to see more.

I would say he's more like 1.B to Crabs 1.A.

Crabtree has been straight money on third downs this year and that can't be overlooked. I absolutely love what MM does with the ball in space though and he has been very reliable, he almost always catches the ball when it's put on him.
We'll see. I think under Kaepernick all of our WR's will finally realize their potential. Especially when he starts getting really crafty with the audibles. He's already doing marvelous so far. Scary to think how good he will be.
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