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Brandon Jacobs is camp competition

Brandon Jacobs will push Anthony Dixon and whoever the Front Office drafts this April. He is more valuable than Anthony Dixon in case of injury. I hope we draft a RB early that has a chance to stick. I team of Frank Gore, Brandon Jacobs, Kendall Hunter, Bruce Miller and draft pick would be a formidable group. Picking up Jacobs is smart, low risk and not much against the cap. I hope we draft either Doug Martin, Robert Turbin or Terrance Ganaway as power backs, or Lamar Miller who has speed and untapped potential, Chris Polk who has great receiving skills or Isaiah Pead who has great wheels and might be good on special teams.

BTW, plenty of Brandon Jacobs threads
You didnt think the 4 other Jacobs threads were enough The lock should be in any moment.
it's likely he won't even make the team
yes, im in before the........

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How can one be a vet with only two posts
Originally posted by AXEGRINDER:
How can one be a vet with only two posts

LOL 2 posts in 2 years

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