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Brandon Jacobs a 49er

Rathman and Harbaugh will whip his ass into shape. I'd much rather see Jacobs on the field than Dixon.
IMO this in an upgrade.

Jacobs > Dixon
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Originally posted by notsoempty86:
I don't like it at all.

Moss and Jacobs are not easy guys to root for. Hopefully they are off the team by February when we are hoisting the Lombardi trophy.
geez, who is to say some vets like this who have done it before can help us hoist that trophy they are niners , you hope they do well, if they do we do. pretty simple if you ask me?
I hate it. Going on record saying I do not like the move
Originally posted by cciowa:
Originally posted by 49ersOnMINE:
Jim Harbaugh said this morning "like being a carpenter you need a lot of tools saw isn't more important than a hammer" I guess that kinda answers some of the questions on why all the FA signings.
yes. Last year he was limited in what he could do cuz he had to deal, for the most part , with tools that were already in the niner tool kit. Now in his second off season and second year , we see him adding more things in the tool kit and some of those things will mean changes,. minor change such as dumping people from the regime who did not play much last year, spencer norris etc,,, could be, could be major change like dumping a crabtree or looking at peyton manning. he is building his own tool kit with his own players and i have no problem with that.
Exactly i think its a good signing for wha its worth, its better to have a lot of options than not having any options a all.
Originally posted by Young2Rice:
IMO this in an upgrade.

Jacobs > Dixon

This. Don't know what everyone is crying about.

Atleast this dude can pick up the blitz.
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Originally posted by SFL49ER:
I hate it. Going on record saying I do not like the move

I kinda feel the same way.

I wanted us to draft a RB.
Originally posted by cciowa:
geez, who is to say some vets like this who have done it before can help us hoist that trophy they are niners , you hope they do well, if they do we do. pretty simple if you ask me?

Eh. Brandon Jacobs has always been one of my least favorite players in the league. I don't think he plays hard 100% of the time (like moss), and he has a terrible attitude (like moss).

Of course ill be screaming the first time he runs over a lamb or seachicken for a TD, but until then....blah.
The 49ers signed him so they could cut his punk a**

Originally posted by Joecool:
Originally posted by AmpLee:
Not a big fan of Jacobs; negative locker room guy and not too bright. Not a big fan of Dixon either, but he contributes on special teams and seems to be liked by his teammates. Would rather have drafted a big back to compete for the third string spot.

Totally agree. We are bringing in some very volatile players who can run their mouth when things aren't working well.

Yeah I agree. It seemed that players loved playing for Harbaugh though with his enthusiasm and intensity and he got the best out of our guys last year so I trust he knows what he's doing. Wih that said, I just don't understand this signing. I would have rathered drafted a young guy to start grooming NOW where he could pick up some experience, a year of coaching under one of the best coaching staffs in the NFL, and not pick up that many miles on his legs in the process. All of this as opposed to waiting for next year when that running back will be casted into the fire much more quickly. Jacobs used to be a great inbetween the tackles runner then he lost his mind and believed he was Fred Astaire.
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A. Dixon is out the door. He got subbed on special teams by R. Cartwright and on offense by Brancon Jacobs. BJ is not a great running back but he is a thousand times better than AD.
I am sure that when all the contract details come out it will be clear that this was a good pick up. Remember what happened with Braylon Edwards, if he does not work out he will get cut.
Another solid move. This has been a great offseason for the niners.
Good signing. He will be a our short yardage back. That's something we struggled with, especially, in the NFCC game.

to Dixon
Living in Ny... I can tell U all that Jacobs is not a likable guy!! Also he is NOTORIOUS 4 shying away from contact. He is a huge back that wants 2 run like a scatback! He like to tiptoe!!! Nevertheless I think he is twice the PRO running back that Dixon is. Oh yeah & circle the Jet game on your calendar cuz Jacobs & Rex Ryan nearly came 2 blows after the game on Christmas eve when the Giants effectively ended the Jets season... STAY TUNED!!!! GO NINERS!!!!!
Short yardage guys aren't appealing. I can't wait until the 49ers get a rb who can pick up short yardage but also can break one if given the chance. I love gore to death, but the guy can't out run anybody anymore.
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