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Is the front office playing mind games?

Originally posted by wysiwyg:
That new Indian dude they hired looks curiously like Bushwick Bill

Ah Man Homie My Minds Playing Tricks On Me
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It is very unlikely that manning would want to come to the 49ers. He would end up playing Eli too often. Odds are AFC. Miami likely choice.
All the media speculation hyping up Manning make it seems like he's a hot commodity. He's not. In reality there's only 2 maybe 3 teams who are desperate/serious enough about Manning to go after him. The rest of the other teams who already have some semblance of competent qb play, their GM don't want the headache of paying millions for Manning with unresolved injury and throwing or playing ability.

Some guys can dream their little dream of Manning. He's not going to be here with the Niners.
Originally posted by 94605NiNer:
Ah Man Homie My Minds Playing Tricks On Me

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I never thought it would happen either...but the fact that we dont want to give Alex 3 years, then the front office obviously doesnt fully support him!

So to me, that leaves the window open for anything.
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In addition, no team is going to sign Manning until he works out for them and proves he can throw the ball. i dont see that happening this weekend.
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I don't want the niners to budge on the 3 year deal, I think we hold the leverage.

But as cam inman mentioned, it might hurt us in fa when we're after receivers and we don't have a quarterback signed
Originally posted by zoomcrypt:
what are you smoking....manning is still going to be one of the most highly paid QB's in the league

This. Manning might accept a low base, but he would be dumb to shortchange himself by not asking for big incentives, or something like the $28 million bonus that the Colts decided not to pay this month (but this time he would be smarter by at least getting the new team to pay something if it cut him.)

They're playing Head Games.

It's just business.

The front office has the upper hand and Alex knows it. He's going to test the market and find that no one really wants him so he will come back and sign the 49ers offer. I don't blame neither side.
He will sign by Monday so we can focus on a WR in FA. Will end up a 3 year which becomes a 4 year based on hitting incentives
Why not give Alex the extra years he want's, but put an out clause in the contract after the third year?
Originally posted by GorefullBore:
Why not give Alex the extra years he want's, but put an out clause in the contract after the third year?

What value is that to Alex? He's not stupid. He want's more money over the longer period. Everyone knows NFL contracts are easily cut short but whats always at stack is guarenteed money and that guarenteed money is spread out amongst the years.
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Originally posted by 80sbaby24:
Originally posted by 49ersalldaway126:
Originally posted by 80sbaby24:
Originally posted by 49ersalldaway126:
49ers havent even contacted manning so no

So if they were interested they would have already contacted him? If they were interested they would have publicly stated they were?

12 teams contacted manning none of them were the niners

Care to show me the list of the 12 teams? Oh right. You cant. Because not all the teams are known.

Actually the bulk of them are known, 8 to be precise.

in order they draft in.

1. Redskins(fact)
2. Vikings(guess)
3. Jaguars(guess)
4. Dolphins(fact)
5. Kansas(fact)
6. Seattle(fact)
7. Arizona(fact)
8. Jets(fact)
9. Chicago(guess)
10. Denver(fact)
11. Texans(fact)
12. Baltimore(guess)

Now shut up about going after Manning. Its a terrible idea, he is a terrible playoff QB, as I said in another thread if he hadn't won that SB he would be the NFL version of Utah Jazz PG John Stockton, the great point guard in nba history to not win a championship.

So again, stop thinking Manning will be wearing Red & Gold next season because it will never happen.
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