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What keeps the offense from begin elite

Originally posted by hateroids84:
The notion that defense wins championships is a total myth. Our defense did absolutely nothing wrong in the NFC championship game and we still lost. Only few recent examples of defense actually winning it are Baltimore & Tampa Bay. Other than that you need a legit QB to win a superbowl. Peyton is the best QB the nfl has had for a long time. He may be on the downside, but with our Defense it should = Superbowl. With Alex I just hope we can make it back to the playoffs.

Employing your logic, then Payton should have multiple Super Bowl rings. Defense wins SuperBowls. It's a fact.
What keeps the offense from being elite?


Little things like:

Joe Washington
Gene Washington
Dude who threw it to Joe and Gene

Some guy named Walsh who had a few ideas for some plays.

Just some small stuff coming to mind at the moment.

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What keeps the offense from begin elite?

Lack of a go to reciever.
I would say WRs and only being in the West Coast offense for the last year. It takes time for an offense to get its act together. Players have to work together which is something that the 49ers organization has failed to provide over the last decade.
we should lock this thread and reopen it next year

i cant believe people are complaining our offense isnt elite

you guys really expect it to be ELITE? i mean no offseason new system injuries leading to 2 WR off the streets seeing feature time

seriousky we should reopen the discussion next offseason
Originally posted by WildBill:
Like I said, I would say 33 percent each, to be divided by the coach, wr and qb- okay maybe 25 if you toss in the linemen, if each cuts their mistakes in half, that is a big step to 40+ FG to maybe just 24 FG. Also, instead of 1-13 on third downs in the championship game to maybe 6 or 7-13. Not all the run plays are on the coach-remember, Alex checked down in and out of the plays called, there were times when they might have run, but he decided to pass and vice versa and was wrong. Other times he decided to let it roll and was wrong. Of course there are times when he was right, just need more of these.

When you have a short field 20 yards and less a lot of teams that pass have problems, because you have less field to thin out a defense. Still to win the SB, this is what you gotta do.

I agree that they have to do this and believe that with a full off-season they will be able to improve on Red Zone efficiency.

Judging from past performance, Smith did very well in the Red Zone under Raye so I would take him out of the equation or give him a small percentage of blame for not being totally comfortable in the new offense. Play calling would be my number one criticism as the WRs were not put into a position to get open and that comes from scheme and creative play calling. So, for me, it would break down to 10% Smith, 30% WRs and 60% coaching/lack of time to coach.

Smith demonstrated that he could make plays when they were there--Lions game to Walker, NO game to VD and with feet, Philadelphia, TB, and even the Giants game. If he can raise the consistency level he will be fine. The WRs aren't as bad as some believe but are not good enough. Without Edwards coming through to be a #1 or #2 guy, and with Morgan out for the seasons, it was a mess on offense--held together by Smith and Harbaugh's strong relationship and VD to the rescue. OLine a work in progress, WRs from off the street (no time in camp), Gore being dinged up, and a new system...did pretty well considering.
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