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Can Demarcus Dobbs play OLB?

Sign me, I can play OLB
Originally posted by canadian49erfan:
Sign me, I can play OLB

The CFL is hiring..
Originally posted by Eli_23:
Originally posted by canadian49erfan:
Sign me, I can play OLB

The CFL is hiring..
Don't watch, lol
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Originally posted by mike:
Originally posted by Wodwo:
Originally posted by mike:
It's easy to say just gain or lose 15 pounds, have you ever just lost 15 pounds? Takes a lot of work...

Yes, as a matter of fact, I have. I can gain or drop 15 pounds easy. As an adult, I started at 5'10'' and 150 pounds and then blew up to 210. It wasn't a fit 210, though... I was prehypertensive and I also have supraventricular tachycardia. So, I had to lose weight to be healthy. So, I went into weight loss mode... went all the way back down to 150. Then I realized that was too thin for me, so I gained 20 pounds and I'm now 170.

My fiancee hates me because I can add or drop weight without really trying.

Anyway, that's just the story of a regular guy, not a professional athlete. Adding and dropping 15 pounds is relatively easy for them, especially with all of the guidance they get from team trainers. Hell, you can drop 15 pounds just using water weight.

It really all depends on the individual. Their metabolism, their frame, and their work ethic determine how easy it is.

Ok I hate you lol.

They could probably do it in a whole offseason, but the only problem is if there is an injury on the d-line you no longer have him at ideal D-line weight, so if they do decide he's going to be an OLB it has to be like at least a season-long change and you need plenty of depth in case a ray mac or justin goes down hurt mid-season.

Heh, sorry about that. I know it's just easier for some people and near impossible for others. There are too many factors involved to even figure out why that is. It's really a bummer for people who have a problem with it because of that... most people just assume that if you're overweight that you're lazy.

Yeah, 15 pounds is easily within the healthy range for weight loss during a full offseason. However, I totally agree with you that he shouldn't drop weight. He should work with the trainers to find the ideal weight for his body and work towards being as physically fit as possible. Then the coaches can determine how best to utilize him in the defense if he's still worthy of a roster spot.

As far as my opinion of his position... right now he's a tweener. He's a bit undersized to play end and a bit oversized to play linebacker. I would give him a situational role on goal line and third downs while Tomsula coaches him up. Basically the same situation we had with Ray McDonald early in his career. Just give him some spot duty and work with him to see where he best fits. Linebacker isn't totally out of the question, but I think it's unlikely. I have faith in our coaching staff to make the right call.
Originally posted by greywolf447:
Can Demarcus Dobbs play OLB? I think that if he lost a little weight I think he can play OLB. Here is a video of him making an INT in college. What do you think?

Nice find on the clip.
Originally posted by valrod33:
you guys know he played on our special teams unit?

nope hes too fat remember........
I wonder if he can play RB?
Its not a stretch to see Dobbs at OLB. Any OLB in a 3-4 base defense will probably come from a college where he played DE. I don't think he will get many reps as a OLB mostly because they probably already made a decision if he is quick enough to make the transition.
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