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What is the 49ers play of the year?

What is the 49ers play of the year? has a play of the year poll and not one Niner play made it and I got to thinking what our play of the year would be.

lf anyone has one to add...let me know
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Regular Season: Smith to Walker vs Lions
Playoffs: The Catch III
alex smith td pass to VD to beat the saints?
Originally posted by phatbutskinny:
Regular Season: Smith to Walker vs Lions
Playoffs: The Catch III did I miss those.
obviousley the smith to v.Davis.. wouldve become more monumental if we won the SB though.. the Owens catch was just as spetacular last seconds etc, and now living in the bay, i dont hear that catch ever mentioned.. only here on random forum websites.. "the catch" however is always talked about.
Any big play involving Justin Smith. Honey Badger personified.
if it was not for Justin Smith FFumble and bat down Gaints game we would not have Alex to VD catch !
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The Fumble II
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I don't remember the 10 catches, just the one drop.
Jerry Rice

I don't remember anything but a fumble

Actually I'm thinking it was Ginn's KO return vs. the hawks in game 1 of the season. We had lost all momentum in that game and couldn't move the ball. If we had lost that game no telling how the season would have went.

has to be the fumble vs eagles...smith doesn't make that play i don't think the season goes down the way it did.
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Only one top play. The Catch III.

But so many great plays this season! Wow.
It was the pass to Isaac Sopoaga.....I totally came when that happened
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The fumble against the eagles. The players have said many times that it was THAT game that set the tone for the whole season. Without that play, who knows what the season would look like.
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