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Loss of a great opportunity....disheartening!

Really disappointing how the 49ers came out of this NFC Championship. With the way things played out all season, it felt like it was destined for the Niners to win it all. If I could sum up the entire season for this team in one word, I would call it disheartening.

And even with major upgrades at key positions like WR, the NFC West is going to be a tough one to win again with up and coming teams like Seattle and Arizona right in the mix next year.

VERY unexpected loss for me as a fan.
That and next year we play the Saints, Patriots, Giants, Packers...etc. This was set up as best as it could be to take it this year. I really think the better team lost today and I believe we had what it takes to beat New England. Tought to tell if all these players will be back next year and Gore, Justin Smith will be another year older.
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