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Do we want to win a 49ers billboard for our team?

My friends and I have been voting to win the next tempt destiny billboard for the 49ers. Its is too close to call if we can hang on to win this on Sunday. So I'd like to know if we could get some help to do this? Here's where we stand:

49'ERS - 8714 votes
GIANTS - 8582 votes
PATRIOTS - 8269 votes
RAVENS - 8587 votes
Make that 8833 49ers votes! Thanks guys!!!!
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8900!!!! giants at 8587
49'ERS 8910 26%
GIANTS 8591 25%
PATRIOTS 8403 24%
RAVENS 8780 25%
49'ERS 8911
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My vote is in!
Originally posted by Chief:

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I'm not quite sure what this billboard is for... Even after reading the front page... But I voted!
Where does this billboard go?? I'm quite confused.
Originally posted by Lott49ersFan:
Where does this billboard go?? I'm quite confused.

According to the tempt destiny web site, it gets posted in the team's home town area. NYG - Meadowlands area, Saints - New Orleans area, Steelers - Pittsburg stadium. So I guess if we win this it gets posted near our stadium as well.
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