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I thought I had a heart attack...

I have pain in my shess n I can't
i was jumping and yellig "ooohhhhh........OMG.........OH........OMG" for like 30 minutes!!!! haha great day to be a niner
Great great day. The last throw for the win almost seemed inevitable after the drive to set it up. For me the most electric moment was the run by smith. It was just awesome. The energy on that play was just unreal.
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After the Alex Smith boot leg Td all the yelling, jumping, screaming and what not i sat down and i had a slight pain in my chest and had to calm down a bit lol
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Lol, I thought I was going to throw up on the final drive
Same here after 9 year drought and win like this.

Anyway, I think Niners tried few times to go deep but Saints prssed pretty well during 2nd and 3rd.
And being a 9er fan the thing that sucks now days is you can't even celebrate a play without in the back of your mind thinking where is the penalty flag... or in today's nfl did he hold it for 10 minutes after he was in the end zone without rubbing the refs the wrong way

I remember so many plays going ape and then turns out Kwame and then Chilo getting holding penalties, etc.
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