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penchay wey
Originally posted by monsterzero789:
his handle is even spelled ninners. Thats not a mistake lol

You got to understand that his English is probably not the best since he lives in Mexico. It would be like me trying to post on a french site. I can try to translate it on Google but it's not going to sound good since I have no idea how to speak or write in french.
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¿Quien tiene mejor que nosotros? Nadie! ariba, ariba!!! LOL
i have no clue whats going on in here
California, it's just like Mexico.
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Originally posted by GoalLineStand:
Originally posted by kodiak9er:
will yall quit with your damn ching chon ching talk, go back to your countryyyyyyyyyyyy! i cant understand you!!!!!!!!!!!! i wont put the rest lol

The United States has no official language. Obviously, the most popular language in the US is English---from England. The second most popular language is Spanish---from Spain. If you want to learn an authentic North American language you can always learn Cherokee or Navajo.
its from dave chappelle no biggie
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Originally posted by valrod33:
Who took a pic of my uncle.....?

Orale Cabrones!!
Originally posted by susweel:
penchay wey

pinchi guey
"ENJOY 49ERS" fans throw out the world................
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