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Harbaugh's motivation this week

Originally posted by iohk:
I hate when fans think they know what goes inside of locker rooms

Motivation is an irrelevent concept by now. Nobody who isn't already motivated to that max makes it as far as the 49ers this season. If you are starving and someone gives you a seven course meal, you don't need a motivational speech to get you psyched up to eat it.
Originally posted by Niner915:
Brees is gona have 99 Problems!!
Originally posted by ninerfan4life:
How about this for motivation: Win or Go Home

Originally posted by Joecool:
What does the fact that we are 13-3 have to do with anything anymore? So are they and GB is 15-1. 13-3 means nothing now.

It doesn't, that's why I stated we need to stick to our game plan..meaning our style of football. its the reason why we went 13-3... Need anything else spelled out for you..???
Saints -3.5. That's his motivation.
If you need extra motivation to get excited for a playoff game then we have some serious problems.
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We have plenty of tape of their blitz it's time to teach Alex how to make some pre-snap reads and deliver the ball where the Saints won't be expecting it.

That's how you kill a blitz btw.
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Harbaugh claimed not to care during today's presser. But he let himself slip when he said the following:

"Certainly not aware of any gentleman's agreement. Even asked my brother. 'Is there some kind of gentleman's agreement that you call a coach before a preseason game?' And he wasn't aware of any."

If he didn't care, why wouldn't he have asked his brother about it?!

You'll see some special game-planning for the Saints, I GARR-own-tee!
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All I know is the Saints are the first ROAD Favorites since 1982. -4.

this is alex's motivation.

They're asking him to manage the game, not necessarily win the game for them.
Originally posted by Niner915:
Brees is gona have 99 Problems!!

Aldon Smith is one
Originally posted by Whomeam:
If they need motivation at this point it doesn't even matter, they won't win.

Originally posted by niner4ever12:
this is alex's motivation.

CB Jabari Greer:

  • As our coach says, the best defense will win the game.

Can you take anything from playing at the 49ers stadium in the regular season last year?

  • For the guys who have been there, I guess the one thing you can take away is the field conditions. With their grass, you need a certain spike length. I think guys that have played there realize it and are more prepared for the field conditions. That actually means a lot in what we do.

WR Robert Meachem:

What do you think about this challenge in San Francisco?

  • "This is going to be a great challenge. Their defense is very good. They play well together. It's not going to be one of those high-scoring games, because both defenses play well. They have big time players too. It's going to be one of those games where with mistakes, you don't need any turnovers. You can control the game with turnovers."

Drew Brees always talks about going back to guys after they make a mistake. I noticed after one of his touchdown passes to you that he came down to you guys and talked to you. What was the message?

  • "He said, you knew he was coming back. We were going to get another chance and another opportunity, because earlier in the game, I had a drop. You know for us, that's one of the worst feelings in the world. For him to come back to you, you know that's a great feeling."

Defence wins games.
Field condition must be taken into account.
There will be no blow out game.
Brees always goes back to a receiver he didnt hit.

These are the points mostly raised in here, the Saints players know this, most 9er fans know this. Too bad most of the Saints fans cant see it.
They completely stymied the Steelers' blitzing schemes and they can do the same thing to the Saints. Plus, the Saints blitz because they have to. You have to believe the Niners will be ready to exploit those blitzes.
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