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I just realized something...

I hope the Saints overlook the Lions & lose. I could see this game as a reaaaaaal shootout, I'm talking shot for shot, last to score wins (like the Packers vs. Cardinals game during wild-card weekend a few years back).
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Preseason is NOT the season.

Their season didn't start with us. Ours didn't start with them, it started with Seattle.


Technically, it is. That's why they call it PRE Season and that's why they have a REGULAR season. But the ENTIRE season is the SEASON.

Good Lord...

Had to go out of your way to pee on one of our own to make him look stupid? C'mon man!!!!

Talk about fail...

P is correct, the Saints' season started and will end with the 49ers! How about a "Blitzapolooza" of our own in this one?

I like it!!!

Preseason literally means BEFORE THE SEASON. The regular season IS the season. Period. There's a reason nothing counts in preseason. Unless, of course, preseason happenings help an argument you may be making. Then all-of-a-sudden preseason counts.
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