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49ers playoff MVP

which 49ers player is going to light up in the playoff?

my guess will be Crabtree.
i can see him running good routes and getting open.
Would be awesome if it is Crabtree.

My dream is for Harbaugh to let Alex Smith loose at the end of close games, where Smith will lead the team to victories.
If we are winning games and stopping teams from scoring it will be because Brown and Culliver are doing a great job.
Crabs is a good guess. We'll see if he can ball vs. Woodson though if we face G.B. Defensively maybe Goldson (some might say Aldon, but I don't think a dynamite pass rush will be as important/relevant as it normally is because Brees/Rodgers/Brady get rid of the ball so quickly anyways. If we're gonna beat the Saints and/or Packers and/or Pats, Goldson will need to play very very well, take good angles, and not blow any assignments. Capitalize on a turnover opportunity if it's there while being careful to not gamble or freelance if that were to mean a higher chance of giving up a big play. I don't care how many big plays we allow between the 20's, if we at least make a tackle after the catch and don't allow the long TD's, I'm confident enough in our red zone D to force 3's. ST, Akers. It obviously won't happen, but I almost think in games vs. potentially the Saints and Packers, maybe 50-75% of our kickoffs should be onsides. If we can steal a possession or two, it makes it all worthwhile. And even though it means they'd start several drives on our 45, they'd wind up there after a few plays anyway as it's impossible for those QB's to not consistently move the ball and get big chunk plays in between the 20's. It comes down to holding them to field goal attempts when it becomes a condensed field. If they're gonna get to our 45 consistently anyways, might as well just say screw it and kick it onsides and at least have the potential upside of recovering it and stealing a possession.
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He's ready..
Originally posted by jreff22:
If we are winning games and stopping teams from scoring it will be because Brown and Culliver are doing a great job.

In reality, Brown and Culliver doing a great job probably lies in Cowboy and 99 Problems' hands (AKA the pass rush).

I think one of the two defensive Smiths will be the team's MVP in the playoffs. I feel Justin was the team's regular season MVP as well (again).
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I hope Crabs shines in the biggest stage so far in his NFL journey, dude has the goods.
Alex Smith or Aldon Smith. Justin Smith too but he would never be recognized. He does the dirty work. "SMITH."
I'm hoping the Smith boys (Aldon and Justin) and Gore. If Gore's the MVP, that will usually mean our offense has stayed on the field, which in turn, has kept Bree's and Rodgers off of it! That will be the key to winning!

I trust the D will take care of business, so I hope the O-line earns it as a complete unit.
Cody Ross
Brian Jennings
Ted Ginn is gonna win us at least one game
Originally posted by niner4life21:

He's ready..

I am starting to really like Crabtree, but that is a weird highlight video.

Usually for a WR highlight film it is filled with crazy diving catches and big TD runs.

This is mostly catching balls way over his head (which shows good hands and some high passes) and then running 5 yards and getting tackled. Some of the best highlights were on plays that didn't count. Also love the one where he makes a nice catch and run and then fumbles...don't see that too often in a highlight film!!

Hopefully the playoff highlight video will be more shots of him dancing in the endzone and holding up the Vince Lombardi Trophy!!
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