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A Season In Review and What The Future Holds

Originally posted by Thorhawk:
There is FA and the draft coming up. Trading Vernon Davis is plain stupid.

This. Victor Cruz was the best receiver on the field today, guess where the Giants got him? Its not inconceivable that the 49ers could find some major league contributors in the draft, even later on(Mike Wallace.....Terrell Owens...etc).
Originally posted by Thorhawk:
Originally posted by kray28:
Because we cannot win it all with this offense. People will blame Williams because his mistakes are easy to single out....but the game today was lost (as most of our losses) by the inability of the offense to move the ball consistently.

There is FA and the draft coming up. Trading Vernon Davis is plain stupid.

why the hell will anyone want to trade our best player on offense and only receiver on offense? TE's are becoming major weapons on offense now and every team after seeing vernon dominate in the playoffs and the season gronkowski and graham had, teams are gonna go all out finding those 6'6" guys or a TE who runs a crazy ass 40
Originally posted by kray28:
Davis is one of our most valuable pieces...and his value would be high in a trade.

Our draft position is going to suck...we'll need to find a way to trade up. Like any've got to give to get.

What our offense needs is consistent playmakers....not once in a blue moon home run hitters. We need a consistent offense that can convert on 3rd down and buy our defense a breather every now and then. We need an offense that doesn't crap the bed in the red zone. We need receivers who can make difficult catches.

Having Davis didn't help us at all in this regard today.

What type of offense would you rather have....the type that can keep the chains moving or the type that hits a big play in 1 out of 10 drives. Or can only score if you give it a short field?

I am having a hard time understanding the way your brain works.

"What our offense needs is consistent playmakers" - yet you say we should trade Vernon Davis.(Who has made bigger plays than V.D. the past 7 weeks)?
"We need receivers who can make difficult catches." - did you happen to see the second to last play of last weeks game?
"What type of offense would you rather have..the type that can keep the chains moving....?" - V. Davis is known as one of the best blocking T.E's in the NFL
"Having Davis didn't help us at all in this regard today." - If not for V. Davis (and Alex Smith), We have zero touchdowns.... that = at least a "little" help.

C'mon, think before you type! ..... Please!???!?
I doubt we go 13-3 next year but 10-6/11-5 next year seems like a realistic expectation.

We play a difficult schedule.

Having said that we need to get WR's. It's actually amazing we got this far with the garbage that's out there.
Originally posted by redniner49:
Originally posted by Thorhawk:
Originally posted by kray28:
It doesn't have to be a fluke...but in today's NFL, teams can rise up out of the ashes just as fast they go crashing down in flames.

That being said, Harbaugh helped a very flawed 49ers team put their best foot forward and play to their strengths. Hats off to him for that. Now he needs to build on that....and what happens in the next 7 months will be very critical in all that. Harbaugh needs to keep his defense, and build himself an offense.

I would trade Crabtree and maybe even Davis to do that if needed. Gore is still serviceable....but he's not breaking open games for us. I still think there's a role for him here, but he can't be the featured back for much longer.

Alex must be taught how to become an efficient passer....if he's going to be the QB, then he can't just be a QB who doesn't lose games for you.

Trading Vernon Davis is not going to help the offense.

agree tradeing davis is the dumbest move we could make
get more explosive wr's ,and draft another cb in 2nd rd,another de in 3rd rd

Agree -ish with redniner.

I say we draft an O-Line player,and maybe either a big,tall WR or another RB, and then stock the Defense with the rest of our picks!!!
Originally posted by danimal:
If we had Philip Rivers alone we would be 10 point favorites in Indy 2 weeks from now

If we had Philip Rivers a loss to the Patriots would be guaranteed lol.
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Originally posted by SofaKing:
Originally posted by danimal:
If we had Philip Rivers alone we would be 10 point favorites in Indy 2 weeks from now

If we had Philip Rivers a loss to the Patriots would be guaranteed lol.

If we had Phillip Rivers he would have been watching the Saints and Giants today... He would NOT have lead that comeback and most likely would have thrown a pick or two to help the Saints win a little easier. Smith not turning it over is a huge part of an offense with limited weapons.
The only fluke is that the Giants won last night.
we rely entirely n turnovers to score points.....

we have got to get better at WR across the board so we can move the ball.
Originally posted by sincalfaithful:
Originally posted by StOnEy333:
Who's got it better than us?

The Giants or Patriots
What!! Ohhh man...............

Originally posted by marshniners24:
You have aids, but

This is why I love you, MadMoney
Yo son:

-We had a 13-3 season after going 6-10 last year.

-We made the playoffs

-Beat the Saints and went to the NFC championship game!

-Alex Smith came out

-Aldon Smith came out.

-Navarro Bowmen came out.

-Best head coach on this side of the appalachian mounts.

-Scared the sh*t out of opponents and formed an identity.

If I I missed something feel free to add.

Go Niners!
One hell of a ride! Nobody picked us, nobody believed in us, and everybody doubted us to the last whistle. The mentality of this team has changed and the culture is now one set on winning Superbowls. Jim has given this team a much needed sense of belief, confidence, and positive mentality. In one season he has done more then almost any coach has ever done and he did it under brutal circumstances. The bar has just been set and we now have a target on our backs, teams will be chasing us into the foreseeable future. But the work is not even close to being done, we are probably one of the least polished teams to make a run like this and I will tell you why.....we never hit on all cylinders. We never saw one consistent game where everything was in total sync. We either ran well and passed bad, or passed great and ran bad or got smoked for big passing plays etc etc. We never saw 4 quarters worth of solid ball on both sides of the field, and we finished 13-3. We had massive amounts of drops, key injures, horrible 3rd down %, real bad RZ %, and kicked waaaaaay too many FG's. Again we did all of that and still went 13-3! Now most newly established offensive systems tend to take a lot of teams by surprise, next year we wont have as big of an edge but we still haven't established a full playbook. We leaned heavily on the run for a good portion of the year, I expect Alex to be in the 30 attempts range next year. But for this to work a few things need to be addressed.

First, was this a 1 time great draft or is this a glimpse into the future? With the East West shrine game over and the Senior Bowl starting this week and a clear vision of what Jim wants Trent can focus better on actual needs that make sense. Now, one positive and negative about our current placement...Jim and Co are coaching the Pro Bowl. I don't like this because Jim and the staff will not be at the Senior Bowl, so Trent has to be better then normal. The reason I like this is because Jim gets to see 40 new faces he has never met. He will get to judge a different crop of player, and get a new perspective on current guys. He will get a chance to see the best of the best and compare and contrast what we have and don't have. Maybe he gets to know a few upcoming FA's and have some of that personalty rub off on them. He will be in a great position to make some new "friends" that might want to make a trip to SF in a few months or a year. Luckliy we have a few guys playing so they can do a little convincing as well. But to be great we have to rebuild which means upgrading the roster.

Luckily we don't have that many guys looking to leave to start for a new team, Grant is the only guy who has the talent right now. All of our other low end guys (the ST studs) should want to come back and play for this team...don't see any issues there. Rogers has stated he wants back and he is priority 1, he was fantastic this year. Most would say Alex is priority 1 but he isn't going to leave Jim, Alex will be back and will probably be the first guy to sign a new deal ASAP. Brooks already being part of a record breaking D should be back as well, he hasnt posted crazy numbers to demand retarded money. Goldson I originally loathed but he has turned me into a believer and I really want the Hawk back. If we have to franchise tag him then so be it, but I think he like the other defensive guys will want to be back, this unit is special. On the offensive side of the ball we have some major question marks. Morgan and Snyder I would imagine want to stay...more so to Morgan but Snyder is only going to start here...but not for very long. If we lost Snyder I really dont think it would hurt that much, I expect another OG/C to be drafted this year anyways. Ginn is an enigma which leads me to the draft portion of this rant...and this will include Morgan as well.

We all witnessed the weakenss of this team, bad WR play and inconsisntet OL play. Looking at the depth chart at WR we have some massive problems:

Morgan-serious injury, slow player who most love but have forgotten some of his faults over the year-great chemistry with Alex
Ginn-injury prone, bad hands, and sloppy routes
Williams-never cracked the starting lineup until injures decimated the unit-slot guy with no separation-horrible ST decisions
Crabtree-injury issues, slow player, mild hands...often hot or cold, no consistency-no impact in any playoff game still has $12 million left on his contract
Swain-will be released

So we have 2 slow players and 2 quick guys who make 0 impact during games on a consistent basis...? Right now I would argue that none of these guys are locked for anything in the future. Every one of these guys has a major glaring issue and contributed almost nothing in the playoffs. Now with the cost of resigning our own guys the likelihood of any big FA splash is pretty slim unless we get one hell of a discount. So this is going to be a big draft target with 2 picks at WR if I was betting. And there is a good chance those 2 kids might be #1 and #2 right out of the gates. I know people want Bowe and Colston but we don't have the money to pay them....its just not possible if we want to retain the Defensive players that we need to. Right now I wouldn't consider any of these guys probowl type players and all of them are replaceable. If I was to bet on our first 1k yard guy I would say he isn't on the roster right now. A lot of people project Crabs to be that guy but he had 7 "big" games this year....5 coming against NFCW teams that will be better next year.

At OL Snyder is the weak link and needs to be replaced, he played better then I thought he would this year but he is still a crap leftover from the Nolan era that needs to go (or not start). Kilgore is still an unknown so you have to look at the position as not filled right now, we go back to OG in April as well. A lot of people have wanted a CB being priority 1, I dont see it anymore. Brown has played very very good this year and Culliver was a 3rd rounder last year. I do see a need for another body but I dont agree with a first or second rounder being burned when that kid wont unseat Rogers and probably wont unseat Brown. Everybody freaked when TB went down, you dont freak if the guy injured is a bad player. Would anybody freak if Swain went out....probably not.

Now the big positives that we got this year and looking forward!

All the coaches will be back
Moran and Chilo will be gone
Alex gets a 2nd year in the system
Almost everybody is healthy or will be once training camp opens
We have playoff experience, both good and bad
We have a full set of draft picks
We have an identity and expect to win
We have stadium financing
None of the project picks were forced to play, Kap rode the bench and was given the luxury of watching
We look better then the rest of the NFCW and there is no reason we shouldn't take the West again
FA's will want to come play here and we wont have to overpay for services
We lost 4 games by a combined total of 15 points, not bad for a full season and playoffs
Has crazy as it sounds, not winning the Superbowl drops the price for a few guys....if we won Alex would be in the $13+ range....right now I wouldnt put him over $10mill per year (s**tty trade off but I will take some positives out of this loss)

If we can get 1 more solid draft and FA period from Trent and Jim we may plug those holes faster then normal and a lot of the issues could be an afterthought. We are very close to being a balanced team and if we can match a better offensive unit with the defense, we will be able to beat anybody, period!
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Can you sum it up and give me the just of it
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