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Should we refer to our Defense as...

Should we refer to our Defense as...

how about "49ers defense"
I don't think the 2000 Ravens even had a name, do we deserve one?
So I've been thinking about it..........

The No-daylight Defense

What's our strength? Stoping the run. What do they tell RBs to do? Look for the daylight.

Kind of tough say though. It's a little bit of a tongue twister.
how about watching this defense from week to week and enjoying the wonderful beatdown these gentlemen continuously put on other teams and let the media (Chris Berman?) do their thing and supply the name for this "gang of pillagers and plunderers".
Brick Wall. Since that's what it's like running against us.

as you can see... this has already been established
Originally posted by 49rUP:
"Golden Gate Defense"

I agree. I would like for them to simply be called the golden gate.
Honey Badgers
The Alcatraz one was pretty good. But I really hope the pain train catches on. Please make a lot of signs for the Steelers game so the name catches on

Red Mist
Originally posted by 49rUP:
"Golden Gate Defense"

I really like this one....
Gold Mountain
The maniacal prospectors
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I like Alcatraz defense. Days without incident: 350 (last rushing TD allowed to S. Jackson on Dec 26, 2010)
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