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49ers 1st offensive play vs rams

VD down the sideline - TD!
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playaction deep to kaepernick
Play is suppose to be a shot play to Manningham but Alex chooses to check down to Gore for 3yrds and a cloud of dust.
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Originally posted by JTsBiggestFan:
Originally posted by susweel:
Black 59 razor as usual.

Wasn't that the Montana super bowl call?

590 ..Denver / Omaha ...I believe I heard Steve Young audible that one a few times
Gore up the middle for 6 yards
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Slant to crabs for 7 yds
Play action Vernon Davis post for 37 yards

and the crowd doesnt stop cheering for the rest of the day.....
I'm mad I contributed to this thread by leaving a comment...
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punt return for TD.
delay of game on number 11.
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Gore up the middle. Book it.
Originally posted by mayo49:
Gore up the middle. Book it.

What it was.
LaMichael James Power-O.
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