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What Does Seeing A 49ers Playoff Game Mean To You

Won't be my first and won't be my last! I grew up on the 80's niners as season ticket holder.
Originally posted by crabman82:
means a lot for me, i'll get to watch a niners playoff game with my son for the first time

This! My son will be 5 on December 29th and finally get to watch a playoff game with him! This after having to watch his mom's Packers win it all last year
You have to have gone through the low (last 9 years) to really appreciate the high (this year)

I'm dying to see the old solid red painted playoff endzones!!!! I hope they bring that back! . . .
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Originally posted by MSteitz468:
You have to have gone through the low (last 9 years) to really appreciate the high (this year)

I can't put into words how I'm feeling this season I f**ken love this team!!! I'm on cloud 9 right now!!!
Originally posted by njninersfan420:

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I literally don't remember ever watching the niners in the playoffs. I was in the 6th grade and wasn't that in to watching football at the time. So this is a first for me.
This will be the very first. . . . EVER 49ers playoffs run I see happen with my own eyes as the last playoffs run was so long ago. the NFL doesnt get much coverage in New Zealand and Australia way back then and the only time the NFL made the news was who won the SB. So it would mean alot because past runs Ive had to relive through clips, on forums, magazines blah. . .

I dont drink in the mornings but I WILL have a few Jim Beams when the game starts local time.

I was a teenager in the 90's. I got to see the one and done @ Green Bay and the comeback vs. Giants at drinking age..the rest whoever, I've just drank to forget the games most times...
I've seen plenty and all I care about is winning!!!!!! Ill enjoy it but be more pist if they lose in the playoffs than if they missed it I believe. I won't know until it happens bc it has been so long!!!
Originally posted by njninersfan420:
this was about my reaction when smith hit vernon to take the lead against the Giants
To me this season is already a success. Harbaugh is by far the best head coach in the NFC. Lockout, no OTA S NO mini camp for rookies and FA. This yr has been great. I'm not saying that one and done will be pm in the play offs but dam it feels so good!!! I have a huge Niners flag in front of my house and people used to drove by and laugh now they give me a thumbs up
There is NOTHING like the play off atmosphere at the Stick ,especially if the Niners have been on a run. I was at every play off game from 81' on, including away games at Chi-town and Green Bay, though the GB game was freakin miserable I can tell ya.. plus 2 Superbowl including, "the Drive" , the 55 beat-down of Denver

You want loud, you got it.. MAKE MORE NOISE!!!!
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