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What are you going to do today without the Niners playing?

Hope Seattle loses.
Hope Seattle loses.
18 holes of golf!
watch some 9er games on nfl gamerewind.
Do chores I've avoided all weekend and get the Christmas tree set up with the kids.
Redzone, then have lunch with Mom.
Defending Smith from the haters that came out after a loss.

Nah, going out to eat and shop after 3 tiresome days of turkey.
clean up the house and hope the Raiders get stomped today.
Cut up a deer then go hunting for more deer.

either rewatch some of the niner games this season and try and convert Greg Romans plays with a madden 08 playbook editor and then play to the Super Bowl in franchise mode. Or just one or the other.
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IDK, probably groom my eyebrows.
going to the grey cup (cfl championship game) its in my city and the home team (bc lions) is playing in it
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Rooting against all the teams looking to get the 2nd seed.
I watch football of course. Football season rarely sees me not spending both saturday and Sunday's doing so. Especially this season after the lockout, I don't take it for granted for the 6ish months of the year we get it. I'll probably appreciate the NBA a lot more this season too, especially with the shortened season too considering I already think they play way too effing many games.
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