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49ers and the National Media (Perceptions, predictions, articles, etc.)

We finally made a believer out of Deon Sanders.
Originally posted by sonofquan:
We finally made a believer out of Deon Sanders.

yep, with an apology too. Now I'd like to hear Jamie Dukes eat crow.
We were talked about all weekend, and then we were talked about tonight after the game. If you guys don't think we're getting national attention then your wrong, we're getting talked about quite a bit.
its cuz berman is a longtime niner fan.
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Originally posted by hondakillerzx:
blah blah blah. blah blah blah blah blah. oh ya, niners won the super bowl. blah blah blah, blah blah

Haha.. Yea I Love it!!..

Originally posted by 9erVillian:
I do. Show my f**king team on national TV.

So true!!.. I second that.. Show our team on highlights.. Every time I eat, f#ck, sh*t, shower, and shave!!.. I wanna revel in it now..
Originally posted by YungAce:
I want to see them. I can care less about us getting respect from them. Why show the Seahawks, Cardinals, and the Saints/Falcons games twice without showing FOX's game of the week once? Just doesn't make any sense to me

Because their beloved giants lost. WoOOTTT!! NINERS!!!
Originally posted by AB83Rules:
We are probably the only 8-1 team in history to get so little plug on national tv,

Any other team would have gotten a few magazine covers and all sorts of national attention and believe me, if the Eagles, the Cowboys or the Giants were 8-1, the media attention would be absolutely over-the-top nuts.
f**k ESPN
To be fair though I could see a 0-16 Tebow Broncos team on ESPN before a 16-0 49ers team

Originally posted by NinerGold39:
Originally posted by sonofquan:
We finally made a believer out of Deon Sanders.

yep, with an apology too. Now I'd like to hear Jamie Dukes eat crow.

Deion is full of s**t. Right after he said that, they asked if the Niners can be win a Super Bowl with Alex at QB. He laughed, and started mocking Alex and the team all over again. Not to mention all throughout the highlight of the game he was chanting "I Belieeeeeeve in Eli!' like a moron. I don't need Deion or Jamie's approval to know this team is a legit contender. They can all suck it.
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Videos of Deoin and those guys finally coming around and eating crow please? VIDEOS!!
Originally posted by dtg_9er:
NFLN showed almost every Manning pass completion but few, if any, Smith passes. But they made up for it on the round table...or arc table.

i know! wtf was that?
I f'n love staying under the radar. Please keep doing it national media. We are doing fine without you and Freddy Soft patting our backs!
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Originally posted by braap49er:
Did espn really skip the 49ers/NY giants highlights again? i saw it on the left bar once again, then it disappeared once again, WTF espn. We were suppose to be game of the week too??


Is part of the reason why ESPN cant show or show little of game highlights on the web because of media rights the NFL hold?
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