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Never Get Tired Of 49ers Highlights

I miss 2005 highlights, they were the bestest

I love watching fan clips of the 9ers!!
Love the Alex Redemption Video it had me a inch away from tears and that's because I was holding em back.
Good video, the song is good too.
Nice reel.
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Speaking of watching 49er highlights, a deployed fan needs a favor from someone on this board to watch live 49er highlights. I'm new to the board so can't post a thread on this tommorow.

I'm a deployed fan in Baghdad and each week the Armed forces Network has a fan choice vote to determine which fans get to watch their team for the next week. The Bills fans have taken over this vote the last 6 weeks by enlisting their teams fan boards. So next week I'm asking 49er fan support to watch the 6 November game to counter the Bills board. So can someone post this in a new thread tommorow and have them click the link below.

Click the link; It will take you to a facebook page; Log on to your face book; Like the page; load the page and vote for the 49er- Redskins game. Voting Starts at 1pm every Sunday and ends at 7pm Tuesday.
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Do wish they would get rid of the helmet entrance. We mist be able to find something more updated than that.

When me and my brother hang out, we always somehow take some time to watch these highlights. It's a good feeling watching these. It's like falling in love!
1st video-Where was the Bengals' game?
2nd video-When comparing great quarterbacks, where was Y.A. Tittle?
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Nice video iners9ers both of them. You get points for that.

You posted them first.
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Posted this here 2 weeks ago but it doens't get old. The other vids are great too.
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