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Official 49ers vs Redskins Game Attendance/Tailgate roll call :Update with map parking lot

Niner fans did awesome that game! I don't remember it ever being that loud on a road game... Maybe AZ, but they have a fake a55 fan base.
Originally posted by Amir:
Great f**king tailgate and great f**king game. Props to cwilson for throwing a badass tailgate. Him and NC are real cool dudes.

They even allowed my ugly ass to join in on their tailgate.

We took that f**king place over.
Originally posted by DRnSFw:

Ohhhhh yeah baby... Thats me with the Gold jacket on the bottom row. We represented hard. Throwing that s**t on my facebook.
Originally posted by sacniner:
Niner fans did awesome that game! I don't remember it ever being that loud on a road game... Maybe AZ, but they have a fake a55 fan base.

I had to rewind some parts of the game....because i was like ..are those 9er chants. Sure enough they were !!!! lol loved it

Then towrds the end of the game i even heard some Deeee Fense chants when Wash had the ball...awesome

Good job guys !!
I guys I happen to look on my facebook and got tagged in 2 videos of the tailgate. Check them out if you want to add me just add Miles Johnson Aberdeen, NC. I am always welcoming Niner fans to be friends on FB.
Yea i had a ball at the game We were drunk ass s**t harassing skins fans in the parking lot. Niners fans were deep in the stadium. My section was mostly Niners fans
I was in the 426 section and there were def a lot more 49ers "DEFENSE" chants than there were for the skins.

Was def a good showing, but too bad the red and burgundy blend too well, or it would have been a lot more obvious.
Finally back to work and I just wanted to jump on here and say it was a blast meeting up with you guys. I'm glad I was able to get in touch with CWilson so we could merge this tailgate and the one from the SF49ers forum. I have over 400 pictures to go through but expect a link to them sometime this afternoon.

I can't wait to do this again, glad everyone had a good time.

Also, I was the guy with the camera taking all the pictures.

Here you go man thanks for the videos for memories. Haha I like how you got my chant at the very end of the first video. What can I say I was amp'ed up. Great to see all the guys though had a helluva time.

Nice videos!
hmmm I posted the videos on my last post but for some reason it is not showing up on the PC at work? I dunno Go Niners!
Section 121 was all Niners fans...that was a stadium takeover, we tailgated from 9:30-12:30 and there were Niners fans EVERYWHERE...I was running around that place like a kid on Christmas...what an awesome day. 7-1!!!
Just think, if we all move to San Fran we can do this 8 times a year! Actually 10 with preseason. See everyone there.
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