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Best 49ers talk on the radio?

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Originally posted by Bayareaboy:
I like 95.7 but like people have said they do alot of talkIng a out the raiders. I mainly listen to Eric Davis and tierney. But when the niners were winning and looked bad all they talked about was how great the raiders are. Now that the niners are dominate all the talk about is how the raiders have holes. It does get annoying at times. But when they talk niner football it's fun to listen to. Tierney is an idiot and Davis tells him how he's an idiot.

Thats an understatement... at least Davis knows what he's talking about.
Originally posted by Whomeam:
Originally posted by LloydsKittyKat:
95.7 is on commercial all the damn time and talks way too much about the raiders.

damon bruce ftw

huh? Their commercial breaks are like 20 seconds at the most.

As for the Raiders talk, it's kinda hard not to. Al Dais dying and the Carson Palmer trade are huge deals.

Not to mention that the 9ers are in a bye week
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